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A Message From Pastor Gary Kruzan

Below is a prophetic word given by Patsy Cameneti during our Labor of Love Campmeeting. 

  • "This camp is God"s idea. 

    This is a sanctified place, it serves as an incubator. Also serves as a place where the Holy Spirit imparts things. He needs a secured environment to be able to do it. 

    There are some kids that are to come in the next 3 years, some won"t come until the 3rd year, some will come to all 3. The greatest number, not number of people but people with real special calls on their life, and He"s going to send them here to get something. So it"s not just a camp of hupla, hupla, hupla, we have a lot of fun and stuff but there is an implanting of something almost like an injecting, the word of the Lord coming unto them. 

    We are to prepare not just before camp next year cause it"s not just preparation of the physical grounds, it has to do with getting these kids ready to come Praise the Lord. 

    He spoke this word to me, renown. He said in this area, not just Illinois but in this chunk of America, there"s some people who will be of renown. He said it in two ways: There will be some who are not so renowned in the minds and estimation of people, but they will be renowned with God. They will know God. THEY WILL KNOW GOD! And because they know God they"ll do great exploits. They will know God and they will be known of God. They will be like agents of God, special agents of God. People of renown, there are others that will be people of renown in the worlds estimation. Praise the Lord" 

    This is very tender to the heart of God. This means a lot. This means so much to the kingdom of God." 

Our Partners

We again want to express our gratitude to our partners. A foundation of churches and individuals partnering together is a major key in making camp possible. Summer Scream is much more than just something for youth to do during the summer months. This camp offers churches a vital opportunity and extension to your youth ministry. At camp, teens get to see other youth from other churches come together. They begin to understand that God's church is really a massive network of believers. Coming to camp helps youth realize that they are a part of that network. As this happens, our desire is that Summer Scream will develop youth to help make your youth group a dynamic one! 

Let me emphasize again that camp is not possible without partnership. We are not in this for ourselves but for the teens, youth ministries, and churches throughout the Midwest. 

Our partners are the ones who keep Summer Scream going when camp is not in session. We already have many faithful partners, yet we still have a long way to go before we meet our goal. 

Please consider becoming a Summer Scream partner by giving monthly. No gift is too small.


Pastor Gary Kruzan